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Website Privacy Information

Privacy Information
The following explains privacy information and is not to be understood as a contract. It explains how the Upsala Area Public Schools (referred hereafter as “District”) gathers information through its web site, uses that information and under what conditions that information is shared. The District retains the right to modify this privacy document at any time without notice.

By visiting the District website information such as ISP (internet service provider), referring website, operating system, web browser, IP address, etc. may be collected. This information is not connected to individual persons. This information is used to better help the District understand how their website is used and suggest ways in which it can be improved.

Personal Information Provided
Personal information that a visitor provides, such as that placed into a form, is only collected when the District believes that the information is helpful for providing a specific desired service, linked to the submitted information. Should a visitor not provide that information, the specific service might not be available to that visitor. Personal information is only requested when needed to best provide the service. This includes services such as access to information systems, surveys, registrations, comment/question submissions, etc.

Personal information provided to the District is classified as public, private or non-public data. Private or non-public information will not be provided to third parties without the individual’s written consent or by court order unless it is requested by The Minnesota Department of Education, United States Department of Education or otherwise provided for under law.
Information provided that is not classified as private or non-public under state or federal law is classified as public data. As such, that data must be made available to the public by specific request. Public data does not identify individuals.
The District does not sell, share, trade or rent personal information to third parties.

Certain web applications and websites use a technology commonly referred to as cookies. These are very common and are small files stored on a website visitor’s computer as a means to better serve the website visitor. User information is not gathered by the District through cookies other than that required to run the specific web application accessed by the web site visitor.

Information Accuracy
The District has procedures to ensure data integrity, accuracy and security as much as is practical in order to best serve website visitors. Individual visitors may review any website data collected specific to themselves that the District maintains about the individual in order to verify accuracy.

Contact us
Should you need to contact the District at any time, you may do so through the “contact us” link at the bottom of every webpage on this site.



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