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  Shots for School

Are Your Kids Ready for School?
Minnesota’s School Immunization Law
• Find the child’s age/grade level and read across to the right.
• Look to see whether the child had the number of shots shown by the checkmark(s) under each vaccine.
Note: Each row is meant to be read separately, so don’t add up the columns of checkmarks under each vaccine.
Example: A preschooler needs 4 DTaP, then to enter kindergarten he or she needs 1 more DTaP, for a total of 5 (not 9).

Vaccination Schedule

* Varicella shot(s) not required if a child’s doctor signs a form saying the child has already had chickenpox disease.
** An alternate 2-shot schedule of hepatitis B may also be used for kids from age 11 through 15 years.
*** If a child received a Td at age 7-10 years they do not necessarily need another one at age 11-12. However, they must receive another shot of Td or Tdap 10 years after their last one.
To go to school in Minnesota, students must show they’ve had
these immunizations or file a legal exemption with the school.
Parents may file a medical exemption signed by a healthcare provider or
a conscientious objection signed by a parent/guardian and notarized.
Other immunizations recommended for school kids, but not required by the School Immunization Law:
• Influenza (flu) – each year for children age 6 months through 18 years – especially those with risk factors like asthma and diabetes.
• Meningococcal for age 11-18.
• Human papillomavirus (HPV) for girls age 11-18.



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MN Dept of Health

Flu Symptom Screening Tool (PDF)

Parents and caregivers should use this form to assess the health status of their child or children on a daily basis.
MN’s School Immunization Law


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